About Us
Our wish is to be closer to you. We are Shandiaw Sbahs SPR de RL, a company of artisanal mezcal producers, founded in 2000. Since that year we have produced and commercialized as such, within Mexico, and indirectly exported through intermediaries, to whom we have sold in bulk.

However, in 2022, we decided to strengthen our Dainzú® brand in Mexico, as well as to launch it directly abroad. By cutting down the supply chain we are able to:
Boost Fair-Trade in a more direct and stable way,
Seize the direct connection, seeking to meet your needs in a more effective way.
Welcome you to our home, our life, the countryside and mezcal culture.
Offer you competitive prices.
Our motivation
Throughout the years we have endeavored in building the Dainzú® brand while bearing in mind our greatest inspiration: the family legacy of 5 generations in mezcal culture. A true family is one that genuinely shares culture. Therefore, we are keen on opening up our home to you, as well as our palenque and fields in the name of Dainzú ®, so we can share and enjoy the mezcal idyll as a family and community.
Thank you for joining us in this great life project.
Leoncio Santiago & Octavia Hernández and family.
Shandiaw Sbahs SPR de RL
Well-crafted sips of Art and Tradition
Mezcal Dainzu - Shandiaw Sbahs SPR de RL